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The Big Valley Chapter of Enrolled Agents maintains a tax forum for the benefit of our members. Membership in the forum is restricted to members of the Big Valley Chapter of Enrolled Agents.

How the forum works – The forum is a discussion community where Members post tax or practice related questions on the forum via e-mail to (forum email address). The question is then forwarded to all members of the group. Other members of the group can then respond with answers, suggestions, etc. The responses are forwarded to all members of the group.

Handling Forum E-Mail – Members can simply allow the e-mails to post with their regular incoming e-mail or if they do not want them to mix in with their regular e-mail a member can set up a special folder to receive forum postings.

Setting Up a Special Folder for Forum E-Mail – A special folder can be set up using the following process:

  1. In your e-mail window add a folder. Name it, “forum name”
  2. In your e-mail window got to “settings” and then filtering and add a filter called “forum name”

Now all e-mail from the forum will go the “forum name” folder.

New Members – Membership is restricted the chapter members, all members joining the forum must be approved by the chapter. Once approved (this may take a couple of business days) you will begin receiving forum posting and will be able to post questions.

Rules of the Road – All members are reminded that every e-mail posted goes to all members of the forum and posting jokes, political views, and other issues unrelated to tax practice is not permitted. The forum monitor has the discretion to suspend members who make inappropriate postings.

When responding to another member’s post use your e-mail “respond” feature.  This keeps responses linked together for later review.  When making a post on a new subject always begin with a new e-mail to (forum email address).

Never start a new topic by using the respond feature since that mixes topics and other members will not recognize it as a new post (the subject line will include the prior topic) and may ignore it.

Click on the link below to become a member of the forum.

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